Saturday, 14 November 2009

EVE Missions: Infiltrated outposts

Mission: Infiltrated Outposts
Type: Kill
Notes: Losts of Veld(2m+ units), some Scordite(810,000 units), 5 hour bonus timer

2 rooms, warp in with no aggro, 2 groups per room, on level 4 ranges from frigs to BC size drones, a lot of crytals drop, 4 hours to mine after completion.

Its those damned rogue drones again! They never seem to get enough!
This time its big. Two of our main mining facilities in the system have been completely overrun by rogue drones. If you can go clear them out perhaps we can save some of the miners and perhaps even the facilities themselves. Please don't fail me on this one, those facilities provide a large portion of both our incomes and it would be a big loss to both of us if they were lost.

Personal Impressions:

OMFG its a pretty sight.

In the 1st room theres a massive drone built structure, arcing across the sky, constructed by the rogue AI for their own purposes. The 1st group aggros straight away, as i tend to mission in a Raven/Raven or Raven/Drake combiniation this was not really a problem. The dps put out by this 1st group mounts up quickly as the drone close in, best plan is to drop your drones and let them pick up the fats moving frigates , which can ruin your day with scramming and webbing, saving your missiles(or bullets) for the larger targets.

Once the 1st group is dead, take out the structures, saving yourself any hassles with pathfinding when you are salvaging or running away.

The second group will now be yours for the raping, by this point send your alt for a salvboat if you have that luxury, as the group make up is skewed toward larger boats.

The second room is more of the same, just emphasising the more, with 3 groups rather than two.

Again, lots of bukers and structures, and three groups of drones about 100 km apart, again, they will aggress when you shoot or get inside 50km.

Damage Types:

EM (cataclysm), kin/therm


All types, with a lean toward Explosive and Thermal, omnitank is best.


Kill group two in second room and destroy associated bunker.