Wednesday, 11 August 2010

New Orcs soon?

BOLS article on Orcs N Gobbos


Arachnarok? What a great portmanteu!

Just in time for me getting my own hordes to the table, they go and raise the bar, thanks GW, thank you from the bottom of my tiny little green heart!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Podcasting: The medium and the massage was right after all.

This man predicted Facebook before there were networked computers.
Also, he just looks *awesome* doesn't he!
Many years ago, when I was young and full of hope, I studied many of the softer sciences, such as memetics and sociology. During my misty eyed time as an activist I procured a book , widely and rightly regarded as seminal : "The Medium is the Massage: An inventory of effects" words by Marshall Mcluhan , design by Quentin Fiore. It still has pride of place on my shelves as a visionary and prescient work...almost everything it predicts came to pass, including the "global village" and the "world of ends".

All media work us over completely. They are so pervasive in their personal, political, economic, aesthetic, psychological, moral, ethical, and social consequences that they leave no part of us untouched, unaffected, unaltered.

What about toy soldiers you lefty nut?

Now, what has this to do with toy soldiers I hear you cry? Well, wargaming is currently in its second golden age by anyone's account, and there has never been a better time to play with toy soldiers. One of the best apsects of our current media age, mature as it is now, is the fact that we are all content producers as well as consumers, and each man's opinion shouts as loud as the next one...fair enough,that's a bad thing as well really.

Podcasting is the surprise hit of web 2.0, the poster child that sent traditional media into a spiral of pricing models and panic production, and amongst that noise, there rose the sound of dice on wood, of dropped rulebooks and echoing halls...and of the half baked opinions of everyone vain enough to write a blog or produce a show!

Whilst I was lost on MMO's podcasts and audio books were my constant companion through raids, grinds and farming, and I got quite addicted to them in all honesty.  When I turned my gaze back on wargaming, my second port of call after Google was the iTunes store, and there is a wealth of podcasts/vidcasts out there now that really do the trick when painting a unit or two.

To that end, I think I'll start a little side project of collating sources for the things that get me through my gaming day :)

The D6 Generation, hosted by Reaf Granger, Russ Wakelin and Greg Gallant(possibly not his name...its what it sounds like though :P ), is usually a longer show, is PG rated, and covers boardgames, wargames, card games, and general "geek" culture in a friendly approachable way.  They avoid in-jokes and clique references, and actually inform you!  The conversational style of reviews is a fantastic way to actually get information about products, as 9/10 times one of the hosts will ask that stupid question that was in your head.  The only downside is I rarely get to listen to a whole episode at once.  As for the price, we'll its free! So there's no harm in trying it out.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Just testing images from the current project..15mm FoW and 10MM BKC...

August, Hordes and No Quarter Given!

What a month for new toys!

Warhammer, Hordes and all the bits and gubbins a dwarf could ask for.

Usual round of magazines this month, the fantastic Wargames Illustrated leads with a ton of info on Blitzkreig, the long awaited and long anticipated Early War book for FoW. Buried away at the back of this months WI is a great article on the Battle of Marathon, a great read and far and away the best looking, best value hobby magazine out there. If you haven't ever picked up a copy or only have even a passing interest in historics, then believe that the £4.00 asking price is money well spent.

Miniature Wargames is to WI as WI is to White Dwarf :) This month the magazine that to me seems ideal for old school/older gamers (i.e. more words, less pictures...guess which I prefer) goes all out on the successors wars (the sequel to that film with Hannibal the Cannibal and Colin Farrel), a big guide to Britcon and some lovely Victorian SF coverage. Worth picking up, but not an essential purchase, unless like me you are making up for years of being skint by buying everything...

Now, No Quarter, a magazine I have bought since issue 1, new editor, new sections, basically a new magazine. I cannot recommend it enough for new or existing players, as well as a peek at some hordes units that will be in the books, but aren't in the main book, there's a fantastic tactica on playing Orboros. It just so happens that I'm building my very own Team Jacob at the moment and the article has made me rethink a lot, I had a lot wrong (nowt new there to be fair) and I'm heading back to the drawing board with that one.

White Dwarf is a disappointing read this month. I'm very underwhelmed with the new Daemon models, and have no intentions of doing a chaos army, so the content for me was more a matter of keeping up. It's been a while since White Dwarf had me excited, but rumours of Tomb Kings should restore my faith.

The large John Blanche section is always a treat, and is now a recurring theme...are they foreshadowing a departure? 4 whole pages are devoted to LOTR, a worrying decline in content, in keeping with patterns us grognards are used to by now. The standout feature this month was 'Eavy Metal...some fantastic tips in there for painting glows and deep layered looks. Next month they promise us "Isle of Blood"...I canna wait for that, I have no intentions of collecting either a High Elves or Skaven army, but its nice to have the option considering i'll be spending the cash anyway.

I also obtained a unit of Knights Exemplar and a unit of Knights Errant...and won my 1st League game thanks to stupidly overpowered Knights Exemplar...some Acid cloud jobbies allowed my exemplars to run into them and die, leaving one man at +5 STR/+5 ARM, charge a knocked down Asphyxious and stab him until he was redead. Even if that had failed, the errants have an ability that allows you to reallocate move one into the persistent effect..reallocate wound...out he pops and *thwip* magic crossbow time :)