Thursday, 28 January 2010

Feet first

Ok, weird payday :P

As is always the way with these things, I head into town , pay in bank, with a preset "fun money" amount in my head.

I also plan on buying skull pass as a nice shortcut to having ooodles of plastic to paint and as a nice start to either dwarves or greenskins, my two favorite fantasy races in any setting.

So im in the FLGS and walk out with Warmachine:Prime II and a 21 point Menoth force, with a bunch of Vallejo paints.


So i go two feet, and remember i no longer have a pin vice, or mat, or blades, or green stuff, or...well, you get the idea :P

A few trips round the town, managaing to forget everything until i was at the other end of the place , and i settle down for a nice coffee, and a panani affair containing Bacon (bacon is the active ingredient in pleasure...fact).

My customary gloat is now once more satisfying, as poring over miniatures and rulebooks is infinitely more satisfying than poring over the back cover of a game, or worse....just buying it on steam.

So im sat here, filing and cleaning, listening to the new cypress hill album on spotify, enjoying a day off...result.

Pictures of the forces of zealotry to follow.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Right, sleeves up!

Two or three things I always wanted to do, hobby-wise:

  • Paint a whole army, to a good standard.
  • Collect and field a Warhammer Army.
  • Play regularly.
Now, I'm no longer young, no longer have anything to prove, and have the luxury of a decent , steady wage for the 1st time so I dont see how this is not achievable!  I'm quite excited in all honesty, and can really use this blog as a handy measure of progress. 

The other thing i wanted to do since , oooh, about 2004, was actually start and commit to a writing project/diary/blog that wasnt entirely personal and "emo".

So, background/Fluff to Grumhelden's birth:

Grumhelden was born in 1993, and was a crap citadel dwarf that i was absurdly proud of.  It was crap, really.  Ugly paint and a horrible sculpt.
Grum was then reborn in 2006, when my mate said , quite innocently, try World of Warcraft, heres a buddy key.  I have never forgiven him.  Before I knew it my paint dried up, my mini's were sold and i was a shut-in.

Fast Forward to 2009 and i emerge , blinking and stunned , richer, older and a little concerned at my lack of "life".

So , as we do, we return to our first loves, fantasy, sci-fi and soldiers in skirts.  Whats even better is the hobby is in a far better place than it's ever been.  More rules, more mini's, more paints!  It's awesome, truly!

I also find that i drift in and out of the hobby, and there is always a serindipedous release when i drift in, this time its Warmachine, with rebooted rules, plastic jacks that beg for magnets and a fresh energy.

It's also nice to see the spaceship game hot-drop just as I wander into the Game shop once more, thankyou Spartan, my second purchase is sealed :P

So my plan:
  • grab some paints and brushes and get painting, and some mini's.
    • Thanks to Ebay, 12 necromunda plastics, all identical, means i can grab some vallejo and some of the new Citadel range and play until i get the feel again.
  •  Grab some rules!
    • Firestorm Armada, Warmachine Prime 2, and whatever the local guys are currently playing.
  • Grab a Warhammer Boxed Set
    • Loads of mini's to mess up, and the core of a dwarf army(what else would i play after all?)
    • Load of Gobbo's to sell on ebay after giving them "pro-paint" arse-up jobs.
    • A cool wee pony to sit atop my monitor :)
That lot should see me through to the spring, when i can re-examine where Im at with each goal.

Until next time,
May your days be many, and your hardships few...

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Return to Wargaming

I got sick of MMO's. I got sick of the kids, the me first mentality and the disembodied friendships.
So I go back to what I know first and best...painting toy soldiers and poring over rulebooks!

The best part is the hobby is in better shape than ever!  Result :P