Tuesday, 22 February 2011

At it again...GW are evil even when they do good apparently...

Stay Gold.

Sigh, with heavy heart and axe weighing heavy in my hand, I came across this:


Particular gems include:

"Maybe they had to raise the price to offset the Mantic models being used to fill out WHFB armies?
Also, here's the direct link to the blog review"

What?!  A complete non-sequitur.

"I'd be happy with a 20 page no frills PDF, I wish that was an option.

Not going to do a lot for GWs profits though………….."

How dare a commercial company who trades in an IP based on fluff include that fluff in their products, and make it physical, and actually, hang on...a quick search of any torrent site and you can have your stupid PDF for free...so a non point...although theft is bad...

"Or just one over-arching armies book that covered them all in one go…
Not that there's as much money to be had in that."

So...is it too much fluff and too many pages? or Not enough pages and not enough background info?  And again we are back to juvenile moaning about price on a luxury item that is entirely optional, but still costs less than a decent meal at a halfway decent cafe( took my partner out for a burger in Glasgow...cost more than a battlebox, at the cheap place).

However my favorite is :

"3rd edition rocks. I think the greying of the hobby is the thing most TMPers aren't getting any younger. GW of old had a big impact on my early wargaming life. In later life I just want to go back to the WFB and 40K I enjoyed in my youth the new stuff just doesn't have the same appeal."

Newsflash, as you get older, things and people change.

I read the above comment as:

"I wish I could go back but I cant.  I wish I was a young , fit , carefree youth without a grown up job and adult responsibilities, but more than any of this, more than even wanting eternal youth, I wish the books and games, that cost the same in relative terms, of my youth never changed, never grew old.

I want to be young, when summers lasted forever and pretty girls lay in the grass with a cheeky grin, we would drink Ginger Beer and dance at the hop before running home naked in the rain, or world was beautiful, and nothing could hurt us...for we were young, heartache to heartache we stood, we were invincible!

I like to imagine that 3rdEd rocks guy watches VH1 on an endless loop while smashing mirrors and clocks.


Monday, 21 February 2011

Good things from good people

After all my moaning and groaning, I came across something that caused an icy tear to form in the corner
 of my dwarven eye:


Even if you don't enter, the sentiment is awesome, and should be encouraged and applauded.  Doing good things makes good things happen.  And everyone wins :)

Be happy and paint like no ones looking :)

Im hoping that the same feeling can carry through this sunday in Dundee (steamroller at Highlander Games), and especially through to the upcoming Tartan Brawl on the 13/14th March.

TMP hates GW...slow news monday

Ok, you have all seen arachnarok yes?

You know, the giant spider that costs less than CODBLOPS or the Cataclysm xpac for WoW?

Well, apparently the 30-odd quid is still too expensive for TMP:


I stopped going there some time ago after I realised its a place that is just negative about everything GW, even when the GW stuff is for once reasonably priced, actually good and useful for more than just 1 army or game.

That spider...oh god that spider, its so useful for so many situations, just off the top of my head (on my 15 minutes break at work at the moment):

Fantasy RPGs
Any Alien army in any game at any scale (15mm troops vs ULTRAGIANT spider alien?  Yes Please)
Zombies (everything has zombies in 2011, even my mums tea towels(seriously))
40k Tyranid conversions
Starship Troopers( mongoose games, now defunct)

and all this in an easy to assemble plastic kit that begs to bought for a million reasons!  And its cheaper than a console game...I don't get what's not to like!

Fair enough you may not like the kit aesthetically, you may not like spiders, you may not like goblins, but in all fairness, you have to concede it is actually value for money.

Personally, I'll be adding to my Orcs and Goblins with two of the blighters, as my current army is heavily themed around spider riders as it is.

I just thank the FSM that I cant grok the naysayer mindset, and you know I'm a grumpy bastard on a good day!

The relentless negativity on TMP would turn anyone off from wargaming altogether , and yet it gets flung forward as a community hub full of good advice.  All I have ever read there in 7 years is negative diatribe about X system being a poor version of Y system, and that X is more expensive than Y and that X is not as good as Y used to be.

I hate Justin Beiber, but his existence is nothing to do with me, a male in my 30's, so I tend not to care or comment on it, positively or negatively, Jbeebs is not for me.  The worst thing I could do would be to frequent a music board and harp on constantly about NKOTB being better/sexier/whatever.  Yet that's exactly what TMP does every day.   Its moribund and shameful.

Where's the middle ground between TMP and BoLS?

There must be one?

Or are we it?  The opinionated and amazing blogosphere?

Lets have some positive action in the meta of wargaming!  The relentless negativity of comments and blogs (and yes, I know...me too) just grinds me down.  I love my hobby, we all do, it's a unique hobby in that those of us who are into it are *really* into it, and that makes me love it even more.

In other news, I am going to experiment with audio, there's a great local scene in Glasgow , and I would like to document it in a way that's more immediate than negative words on a TFT.

Until next time, I love you all, except TMP's gang of five.  :)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

internet advice and the in crowd, why your all dicks.

UPDATE:  Loq posted a better worded and more cogent argument on the main HoP site, read hers instead :)


"OMG your list is shit!  You should drop that farfy and take a full thunderbabble termie rhino horde!"
"But this is my shopping list :("
"Yeah, but im right, so l2p nublet"

One thing that every newcomer to any situation hates is to be on the outside of the circle.  To be left outside the clique by not knowing the terminology is a terrible thing.  Worse, though, is to be a complete fucknugget incapable of constructive criticism,  and I see this every where in the blogosphere.

Its a self destructive and self defeating strategy pf group reinforcement that does nothing to help the greater good of the hobby.  Someone gets into wargaming, a massive investment in time and money as an adult, and an impossible hill to climb as an unemployed youngster, so what is the communities collective reaction to forum posts?  Piss the poor guy into the ground for not knowing everything, and dont even explain the why!

Imagine you turn up for your 1st day in a new job, and your new colleagues ask you to fill out a TPS report, and you ask:
"Where is the form kept and whats my password for this domain?"
These are perfectly reasonable questions, and instead of saying "Heres your details , just holler if you need help on product codes or anything" they STAB YOU AND STAB YOU STAB YOU AND EAT YOUR WIFE!

Thats what happens when a new player arrives at some blogs or forums, he wants to why a 10 man unit is worse than a 5 man unit, and everyone just stabs him in the face until he leaves.

So , dear forums, dear blogs, if you are so fucking perfect, if your knowledge is so perfect, why not try not being a dick for a day and give actual constructive feedback, or shut your immature , cliquey mouths?  Either way helps.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011




Just when I'm crafting a post about the rest of wargaming being caught up with modern tech and printing, GW makes it redundant with this little belter!

Thank FUCK!

Grey Knights in Glorious technicolour!

Dwarves next PLEASE!