Sunday, 20 February 2011

internet advice and the in crowd, why your all dicks.

UPDATE:  Loq posted a better worded and more cogent argument on the main HoP site, read hers instead :)

"OMG your list is shit!  You should drop that farfy and take a full thunderbabble termie rhino horde!"
"But this is my shopping list :("
"Yeah, but im right, so l2p nublet"

One thing that every newcomer to any situation hates is to be on the outside of the circle.  To be left outside the clique by not knowing the terminology is a terrible thing.  Worse, though, is to be a complete fucknugget incapable of constructive criticism,  and I see this every where in the blogosphere.

Its a self destructive and self defeating strategy pf group reinforcement that does nothing to help the greater good of the hobby.  Someone gets into wargaming, a massive investment in time and money as an adult, and an impossible hill to climb as an unemployed youngster, so what is the communities collective reaction to forum posts?  Piss the poor guy into the ground for not knowing everything, and dont even explain the why!

Imagine you turn up for your 1st day in a new job, and your new colleagues ask you to fill out a TPS report, and you ask:
"Where is the form kept and whats my password for this domain?"
These are perfectly reasonable questions, and instead of saying "Heres your details , just holler if you need help on product codes or anything" they STAB YOU AND STAB YOU STAB YOU AND EAT YOUR WIFE!

Thats what happens when a new player arrives at some blogs or forums, he wants to why a 10 man unit is worse than a 5 man unit, and everyone just stabs him in the face until he leaves.

So , dear forums, dear blogs, if you are so fucking perfect, if your knowledge is so perfect, why not try not being a dick for a day and give actual constructive feedback, or shut your immature , cliquey mouths?  Either way helps.