Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I'm Drinking Live on Air! I rock!

Not going to name the podcast, but if you have heard it you will know of which I speak.

No you fucking dont.  Fuck off.  Your an adult, probably late 30's , early 40's and you still get a fucking hardon cos you and your buddies are having a drink? Seriously? We outgrow that when we hit teenage years round these parts.

But it's OK, because your doing it all on a podcast about gaming.  Yeah you show em fucknugget.  You show em that you are not a geek like the rest of can drink alcohol and sup and sip in my fucking ear whilst you do it.  Do it like its fucking special, do it like it matters, do it like you aren't talking about toy soldiers you prick.  Oh, yeah, you are amazing and special because you drink and play games.  You made this a feature of your fucking podcast?  Why would anyone NOT want to listen to "sip" "sup" "lipsmack" between your nuggets of gaming wisdom.

Wisdom like "I like the models stats"  , wow, fucking deep.  Gimme back my bandwidth ya cockmidgeted special case.  Out of ideas? Stop recording.

Thats right, Grumhelden IS not dead,I'm back and angry.  Dead Hard Drives != Blogging.  Was pish.

I got some deldar, I'm going to mop up locally.  It will be fun.