Thursday, 3 June 2010

Ogrun Bokur....His face is dynamic like chips

Hi me, :p

The latter half of May saw a round of assembly and undercoating, and a new rule that i have managed to maintain so far...As soon as is practical, base and undercoat anything you buy(except food and clothes and that).

This is working out great in all honesty as i have , on last monthly trip, purchased an extra redeemer, a devout, an ogryn bokur, some deliverers and a platoon of yanks for FoW. I had them all assembled, pre-based and undercoated the next day.

I started working on the Bokur, as i plan to use him with my mercs which are already painted anyway, and i am very pleased with the results so far, i would go as far as to say proud :)

Its really inspired me to crack into the rest of the menites and get a fully painted force on the table, with a view to cracking the tournament circuit in time :)