Monday, 25 January 2010

Right, sleeves up!

Two or three things I always wanted to do, hobby-wise:

  • Paint a whole army, to a good standard.
  • Collect and field a Warhammer Army.
  • Play regularly.
Now, I'm no longer young, no longer have anything to prove, and have the luxury of a decent , steady wage for the 1st time so I dont see how this is not achievable!  I'm quite excited in all honesty, and can really use this blog as a handy measure of progress. 

The other thing i wanted to do since , oooh, about 2004, was actually start and commit to a writing project/diary/blog that wasnt entirely personal and "emo".

So, background/Fluff to Grumhelden's birth:

Grumhelden was born in 1993, and was a crap citadel dwarf that i was absurdly proud of.  It was crap, really.  Ugly paint and a horrible sculpt.
Grum was then reborn in 2006, when my mate said , quite innocently, try World of Warcraft, heres a buddy key.  I have never forgiven him.  Before I knew it my paint dried up, my mini's were sold and i was a shut-in.

Fast Forward to 2009 and i emerge , blinking and stunned , richer, older and a little concerned at my lack of "life".

So , as we do, we return to our first loves, fantasy, sci-fi and soldiers in skirts.  Whats even better is the hobby is in a far better place than it's ever been.  More rules, more mini's, more paints!  It's awesome, truly!

I also find that i drift in and out of the hobby, and there is always a serindipedous release when i drift in, this time its Warmachine, with rebooted rules, plastic jacks that beg for magnets and a fresh energy.

It's also nice to see the spaceship game hot-drop just as I wander into the Game shop once more, thankyou Spartan, my second purchase is sealed :P

So my plan:
  • grab some paints and brushes and get painting, and some mini's.
    • Thanks to Ebay, 12 necromunda plastics, all identical, means i can grab some vallejo and some of the new Citadel range and play until i get the feel again.
  •  Grab some rules!
    • Firestorm Armada, Warmachine Prime 2, and whatever the local guys are currently playing.
  • Grab a Warhammer Boxed Set
    • Loads of mini's to mess up, and the core of a dwarf army(what else would i play after all?)
    • Load of Gobbo's to sell on ebay after giving them "pro-paint" arse-up jobs.
    • A cool wee pony to sit atop my monitor :)
That lot should see me through to the spring, when i can re-examine where Im at with each goal.

Until next time,
May your days be many, and your hardships few...

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