Thursday, 20 May 2010

pMagnus V pMagnus

ZOMG its May!

That was frighteningly quick...a silly amount of time has flashed by.

So, inventory wise, obtained a scrooble of mercs from a fellow at g3...magnus, his battlegroup, some steelheads, some cutthroats, and a few solos.

New plastic menoth jack, built as a Vanquisher, next one is on its way as a Templar.

GF got me a Guardian and a unit attachement for my recently acquired temple flameguard.

Obtained a unit of zealots, menofix bearer, pFeora, pSeverius, wracks and a unit of idarian skirmishers.

And well, thats all i can but this year realistically :P

As for warhammer...on pause until v8 ships, but got a battlebox of orcs, some black orcs, giant, and some fanatics to spice it up.

Malifaux...just not feeling this game at all. :(

The really, really good news: Flames Of War! people at the club are starting to play FoW again, looking like midwar will be the period of choice.

The really, really , really really good news: Future War Commander in 15mm....omg its gonna be good. Still undecided as to what io will actually field, but im thinking Critical Mass armour with GZG/Old Crow infantry, maybe a unit of cossacks (rough rider analougues :P)

Played a great game of WM, with pMagnus vs pMagnus...a beautifully executed refused flank, some great manouvering and soem bad dice rolls meant i lost...but it was a hellish tarpit of aoe and luck that won the day for Martin.


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