Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Fire, Fire everywhere, not a drop for drinking!

Golly Gosh, time has flown this year and no mistake!

The glasgow Warmachine League is grinding to halt, and for some it has ran out of steam( i'll get me coat). All in all, it was a great excuse to get in some serious warmachine games, and really pushed me to learn more about this fine game.

I started out using pKreoss, with double redeemers and deliverers, but as the games went by found that they really didnt suit my playstyle at all, too slow, too random and too easy to counter. My last game was a much more enjoyable and fun affair, I used the following list:

Vassal Mechanic
Exemplar Errant
Knights Exemplar
Flameguard and UA

This list is the best I have come up with yet, although it is a 1 trick pony...charge a light jack at the enemy caster, punch a hole, feat and use Burning Effigy...the poor enemy caster is alight and the assasination kill is yours...unless you roll dice like I do and completely fail to remove that last pesky wound. On the bright side, watching all those elves survive one turn just to drop dead on the next was very fun!

I made the mistake of thinking "well, this is all over" and left feora exposed, and as intimated, left the enemy caster with 1 box of life, enough for a loss on the following turn.

The Vigilant is just pure geeky awesome...it has two shields for punching with! That aside, it does sport a healthy ARM of 21 , which can then be boosted up to 23, on a light jack that it just silly, especially for the points, so it is highly survivable. If the Vigilant hits a tarpit, charge in with the revenger to punch a hole, either by stabbing with the halberd, slamming with the shields knockback ability or channeling some flaming death via the arc node. These two jacks synergise so beautifully it makes me weep green tears of joy.

To help execute the strategy, and lend some weight to the assault, you have the shiny white armoured knights in their two flavours...the errants with the range and trickery, and teh exemplars with the sheer unbridled killpower.

In all honesty I use these as a skirmish screen for the jacks and feora, they have high survivability combined with high kill factor, especially from the Knights Exemplar, and the flameguard/vanquisher take care of the other flank, especially against massed ranks of troops. Dont forget that the flameguard are immune to fire when feora is on the table, so drop the vanquishers flame cannon on them whilst in combat for cruel death, then do it all again with the vassal. Boosted up with the choir it makes for quite a lethal combo. The UA makes them cause terror as well, so they really are quite a useful unit.

My orcs and Goblins are really coming together now,(again with the puns), and I have added a Boss on Wyvern for larger games. I stopped into GW to buy a can of primer and left with a box of boar boyz and a can of primer. Typical.

The boar boyz however, are really quite lovely...the hyperbole that you usually see in WD is totally and utterly justified in this case, to the extent that the 10 existing boar boyz I had are ebay bound, the new models just outclass them.

This brings my cavalry up to 3 units, 2xForest Goblins on Spiders and 1x Boar Boyz, with command and magic items, this is a hefty points cost, but really fits with the them i imagined for my force. In my tiny green mind they are a fast moving, pillaging force, with some little gobbo's following along for the sheer waaaagh! of it, rather than a horde of goblins swarming inexorably over the empire.

Now I really should actually play a game of warhammer to make all the painting worth it.

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