Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sine Qua Non - The straw that broke my Warhammer back.

I never thought this would happen to me, never thought this day would come.

I have always defended GW, always hated the haters, but it is with reluctance that I have to do this.

I'm quitting all GW games. The straw that broke the back? The Orcs set:

This is just...what...i mean, really, WTF!

They arent new sculpts, they are the same boring shite we have dealt with for nigh on a decade now, and here we have a 80% price rise?

I don't understand GeeDubs, what did I do for you to treat me this way? I bought the books, the models, even a paint or two, I took you out, I bought you flowers, we sat in the park and talked for hours.

So tell me , what have I done to deserve this?

Literally half what I could get last week for the same money. Its the same sculpt, the same sprue, everything. There is just no way to justify this even to my own extravagant and Orc loving self.

I'm genuinely butthurt by this!

I havent blogged much of late due to high times at work, but things are settling back down so see you soon.


  1. WTF!?! $29!

    Sad to hear about your split. Hopefully you will find another game that will give you a soft landing. Up for a game of Dust Tactics?

  2. You and me both, dude, you and me both.

  3. Whoah ,thats a hell of a bumb in price for feck all , Wardhammer is shite anyway, stopped playing it after a few test games.

    I feel your pain , I guess they don't need customers anymore ....


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