Saturday, 28 May 2011

Glasgow Gamers Group Goes GaGa, Weekly Update.

Business Grum Speaks:
I have started a nice wee sideline in trying to promote the local gaming group that I attend(glasgow is blessed with many groups, but this one is mine...)

Wee linky : G3 Blog

A wee follow from the locals would be swell, as I hope to get the rest of the guys on board and give us another channel of communication. Its early days and theres work to do, but from small acorns mighty trees grow.

You can also follow me on twitter : @grumhelden, and the club on @glasgowg3.

I do try and keep my personal opinions (and rants :) ) seperate from the professional face that a club like g3 needs, but cross promotion never hurts.

Gaming wise, Ranty Grum:
Mongoose games have recently released a new variant of the venerable Call To Arms system, this time attached to the Fading Suns IP.

I have ordered a fleet of Al-Malik and the rulebook from the FLGS, and cannot fucking wait!

Spaceships are just cool. Spaceships that shoot the living fuck out of each other and spew the crew into the grim, empty, uncaring void of space to spew out their last seconds in agonising terror...I mean whats not to like!

I was unfamiliar with the Fading Suns setting, but I intend to put that to rights forthwith.

Oh I also started a vlog about getting from being a fat bastard to a not-fat-bastard based off's challenge. I doubt I will be welcomed into the child friendly fold of miniwargaming, but I prefer standing outside in teh rain, alone, while the cool kids are inside having fun. I hated school...