Friday, 3 February 2012

Shit just got REAL

At first I was like NOOOOOOO!  Then I was all like OOOOKKKKKK, now im all like OMGSQEUEUEUU!

This is massive, huge, colossal!  Pitched just in time to compete against a potential 40k rth ed release, we have titanic 'jakcs, no doubt closely followed by titanic and monsterous hordes equivalents.

Looking at the card preview for the Merc Colossal, (INORITE! Mercs get some love!), it seems that we have multiple weapon systems, multiple discrete damage boxes, and no doubt a whole host of special rules.

An educated guess would say pathfinder on the lot of them, ways to generate focus internally, either via souls or reactors, massive trample and the ability to throw battle engines like they were bonejacks.  The cryx Kraken has massive tentacles, ending in vicious blades, hinting at stupid movement and reach, the cygnar one looks like your baseline ranged beatstick, the retribution bring yet another bland boring 'jack to the table, and Menoth bring a towering collosus of HOLY FIRE!