Wednesday, 28 July 2010

cool mini or not is not cool

Two things about CMON.

1. Why the cockmidget is the Annual published in 2010 called "the 2008 Annual".
Seriously, WTF? The text you would need to change, even if you had to delay the publication by 2 years, is 2 characters. Thats all, just 08 to 10. Sales would be better. I know this due to my brain being wired to this fucking reality.

2. The Ultimate Painting Guide.
Shit on a stick. A circlejerk snowball of preteens mashing keyboards with their helmets. The 'gramma', the "OK, So I will show you how I did this awesome thing" opening to a tutorial followed by the distinct lack of an actual fucking tutorial, the pisspoor examples, it just goes on. It is the most pointless painting guide since some sycophant gave Rick Priestly space to show of his stupid fucking red orc in the previous but one edition of the Citadel Miniatures Painting Guide. Absolute tosswank, vomited aloft and caught by the eager waiting mouths of the sycophantic fucks that circlejerk their way around that shithole. Even the design of the site is a wankbrained attempt at a php tutorial; TMP is the only wargaming site of note that is worse.

Here's a man who actually shows you how to paint, seems nice, and understands crazy newfangled concepts like "markets","presenation" and "NOT FUCKING 1996".

Updated 21/10/2010

One tiny problem, Chris over at AG productions is now making Christian Videos too.  Agree with his religion or suffer for all eternity.

Fuck. Off. With. Your. Fucking. God. You. Fuck.

I don't care, you have your fantasy and I'll have mine.  In saying that, my fantasies tend to be more about Ice Cream and Coffee than dead Jews nailed to crosses getting butthurt if I sleep on my day off.



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