Saturday, 31 July 2010

Mantic Mania Mayhem Matches Madness, My My!

Good News!

Mantic Games, purveyors of fine, true scale, fantasy miniatures that are dirt cheap and bloody good, are producing a ruleset, big-box starter, the works!

Massive amounts of coverage over at Beasts of War, loads of things that would make any gamer gush.

Considering the recent , critically acclaimed, release of Warhammer 8th Edition one does wonder what prompted the release so close to it.

One baffling remark on the BoW site itself :

"Competition is badly needed in the wargaming market and it will be interesting to see if the wargaming community start to support Mantic and what they are trying to do (which is basically what wargamers have been asking for for years), what do you guys think, will you make the jump?"

Yep, because there is only 1 choice, and there is in no way a billion petty rulesets produced by a billion petty fatmen. oh wait...

But, yes, another mass action fantasy game cannot hurt.

I am genuinely excited by this, not least because the miniatures themselves are fantastic
, the rules are written by a steady hand with some experience behind him, and the company is well run and seems to have it's prioritys straight, i.e a business that works for profit and it's community...whats not to like?

In fact, I've just gone and order a messenger bag, comes with a free box of mini's for 18 quid.
That's less than I would pay at GW (Whom I LOVE ABSOLUTELY AND WITHOUT QUESTION) for less product...

I remain stung by Urban Mammoth/I-Kore and the promises of sci-fi goodness that they broke, I pray that mantic do it right.


  1. Interesting you picked up on my 'competition' remark.

    I suppose I really should elaborate on what I meant :o)

    there are a load of amature rulesets out there and they do nothing to the market at all zilch - it could even be argured that they hurt the industry a little.

    So far the vast majority of players support and rely on the GW franchise to sell their wares (including mantic) seeing a real alternative can only help competition and innovation.

    And in our Market it's badly needed, everyone knows that GW make the best product in the industry, but their sharp business practices have held back the development of an entire sector unfortunately :o(

    GW would rather be in complete control of somthing small than have to compete in a larger more vibrant Market.

    It remains to be seen how effective that strategy will be on the long term now there is a shift in information consumption and buying habits towards Internet which is much more open and level in it's playing field.

    Good spot :o) needed clarifying!

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