Monday, 26 September 2011

G3 Gaming Day

My local gaming group G3 (Glasgow Gamers Group), is having a wee shindig on the 5th November, the post is below and will be updated as things get set in stone.  If you are from the central belt or are at a loose end that day, please feel free to drop in and say hello.   Its not a big wargaming show , just some games on a sunday(we usually meet every tuesday from 18:00-22:30), but if you have an interest in joining the club or attending feel free to come on down.  Dont be embarrased to just say hello to someone and ask for either me (Barry) or one of the Andys and we will be happy to make you feel welcome.

Its confirmed we have the hall from  09:00 to 17:00.  These are hard limits unfortunatley so any gaming so be wound up by 16:30 to allow time to clear up etc.

Andy Palmer will be running a warmachine Steamroller event on the day, details and sign-ups here:

In addition there will be several games of 40K and Malifaux etc running.

If you have never been to G3 and would like a chance to meet some of us and get a feel for the place, this is an ideal day to do it...spread the word and bring a friend.

G3 can be found here:

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More details once we thrash them out on tuesday.


  1. Once upon a time (roughly 1995-2005), I spent two glorious years just off the Dumbarton road, and six more lost in the darkest heart of Dundee. I wish I'd known of you lot then.


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