Saturday, 13 February 2010

P3: Cote d'arms or just similar?

To my great surprise, I got home from work yesterday to find a nice wee box of Menoth P3 paints sitting there winking at me, thanks to my partner witnessing my suffering at the hands of the mixing gods.

Happy Days :P

I didn't get much of a chance to use them, yet, but briefly:

They water down very well
They do not require as much water as Vallejo Fantasy Colour
They require *much* less water than Vallejo Model Colour
They are better flowing, more "goopy" and more sticky out of the pot than GW paints(although, y'know, shouldnt use paints straight from the pot...ever).
If you over-weater them they are a great wash/glaze.

They also taste, smell and look very familiar if you started painting and playing in the late 80's :P

Very, very familiar.

I couldnt find out for sure but I would swear these are actually Cote D'arms paints. They got these to me in less than 24 hours \o/

Onto the Box contents for the Menoth set :0
Sanguine Base: Essential for menoth, this is a beautiful, deep, maroon.
Bloodstone: Not used yet, but essentially the 3rd stage highlight as far as I can tell.
Heartfire: A very unique yellow, with orangey red through it, almost like the flesh of a blood orange, cant wait to use it.
Menoth White Base: Basically Bleached bone, or Boney white, but higher pigment density than the vallejo.
Menoth White Highlight: Very nice :) almost like skull white/white with a hint of umber, ideal for doing a realistic feeling white.
Sanguine Highlight: The complement , foundry-style, to the base, again a unique shade, like a light maroon.

Having such a pleasant experience with wargamesworkshop, I think i'll definitely use them again, but only for things I cant get in the FLGS. It is far more important to me that the local store gets my extra cash than me saving a few pence.

I'm also thinking of a wet pallete, as the non-gw paints really do dry far too quickly in the environment I paint in. My afternoon will mostly be spent finding out how to make one, and then I'll probably buy a slightly overpriced P3 version, like this one Wet pallete.


Its a luxury item, but what is the point if we can't treat ourselves now and then?


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