Friday, 5 February 2010

Warmachine-1 Week on


I hate white.

So far I have tried to paint it up from grey, up from bone and pure white/ink/highlight.

One thing is abundantly clear by this point.  I really need to up my game when it comes to painting.
It is the exact opposite of riding a bike it seems, half remembered techniques and methods that just dont work anymore, especially as I'm now using Vallejo paints.

A note on the Vallejo's , when you think they are thin enough, they aren't.

Unless they are red. In which case they are already too thin, too shiny and frankly a pain to work with.

The new Citadel Inks/Washes are a bit meh too.  I find I long for the previous iteration, and if anyone knows where i can find them I would be eternally grateful, i'll try Cote D'arms but i think thats a generation back again.

The warmachine faction of choice for me is of course Menoth, which means whites and reds.

I could have just gone Cygnar and slopped on some Blue over black, and been happy, but I really wanted to challenge myself, and really push myself painting wise.

Having bought the Menoth metal starter box, a unit of Flameguard Cleansers and a Paladin of the Wall solo, I have ample mini's to practise on.  My results so far are ugly, amatuer and bear all the hall  marks of someone just starting out:

--Paint too thick
--Paint patchy
--Not Neat
--No Definition or seperation.

I have to be honest with myself, and try and just get a neat paint job on there in time for my 1st game, which is booked, all being equal, for the end of the month.

So here's hoping that I have something worth taking a photo of by then!

In other news...the battle for skull pass box set has worked it way into my possession, and I love it...ooodles of goblins and dwarves to practise on, and the core of two armies, allowing me to branch out in either (or both) direction(s).

My woman has comandeered a unit of Gobbos; last i looked they were fully painted and sitting on her desk looking smug and accusatory...

Bloody goblins....


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