Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Warmachine, Day 12

Atop my desk sits a pile of undercoated and block painted warmachine mini's...all destined for a bath in bleach!

After several attempts at getting just the right combination of paint and luck onto them, I have decided to go back to the drawing board and redo the lot.

I enjoy the vallejo paints, but i am perhaps just too used to the GW way of doing things, to my eternal shame...

I have learned a great deal about how the paint flows, and in some cases how much it tends to over flow, and I am loving the curve, but after advice from local players and the staff at the FLGS , I have plumped for a P3 set for the menoth colours.  Many people say that to achieve the menoth look pretty much requires these or GW colours, as the vallejo's just dont mix that well for the reds and purples.  Well, I'll soon find out.

In other news, Malifaux is looking sexy and my temp me away.

And tonight, I aim to finish some test schemes for the dwarfs and gobbos.

And bloody GW , releasing all that 40K ork sexiness...I'm trying to keep this habit in check this time!

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