Saturday, 16 October 2010

40k Movies and Fanbois

Ultramarines is the only CGI movie I have seen a trailer for that reminded me how easy it is to buy a hammer and call yourself a carpenter.

I have a professional and academic interest here , as my BSC is actually in animation. One thing that struck me about the Ultramarines trailer was a purely objective assessment of the quality of the render. It was shite. This was made more laughable by the comment on the GW site earlier in the week , under an image from the film:

"Check the texture of the armour"

I did, I lol'd.

To get my degree I had to create a short animation, using the tools we had in 2003, and not only my, but also my classmates, efforts had far better texturing, it was required as part of the degree.

The general consensus on the interwebz is that this film is a failure, ahem, sorry, is "teh fail!"

, and it bloody is.

I feel as insulted by this film as I do by the steadily declining Horus Heresy series. 

I was drawn in by Dan Abnetts fantastic writing. You know, writing that has characters and plot and that kind of stuff, and now having ploughed through false gods, and dragged myself through Galaxy In Flames , I feel the same indignation.

I was promised adventure, escape and a journey through the worlds I inhabited as a teen, a deep dive into the waters of the Old Imperium, the Imperium of a living emperor, walking among men.


Fuck off and Die you money grabbing cunts.   We love GW, we love the universes you created for us, we dont love what you have done lately.  And that is all that counts.

Which bringeth us to fanbois.
They are the creationists and fundies of any hobby, clinging to a belief and defending it to the bitter end despite the evidence.

Over on BOW , theres a lovely wee flamewar , most people saying "omg hate this shovelware GW, we deserved better for our cash, after all, we made you", and the usual twats aying we should be grateful for these half arsed scraps. 

There are people who defend the bad control system in Assassins Creed 2 with equal fervour.  The control system has flaws, thats an observable and verifiable fact.  And yet, and yet...the fanbois say anyone who finds fault should "lrn2videogame" or "lrn2playnub".  Frankly, learn to troll, fanboi.

Our time on this planet is brief, fleeting and means only what we want it to, so why settle for second best?!

And yes, I just linked mortality to a video about toy soldiers.  Im that facile.