Sunday, 24 October 2010

D6 Generation Podcast, Bile and a swift Saturday Night Fuck You.

As I wrote this post, I punched my desk in frustration @ The D6 Generation podcast. Fucking newsflash, the point of an interview is not for you sit there and shine the interviewee's penis. Ask a difficult question once in a while rather than just hitting out with "oh gee wow, gee willikers, you sure are awesome mr author man! (Russ laughs and says "new hotness" again, I punt cat into wall.)" Grow a fucking pair you anemic twats! I have an entitlement complex to your free content and demand that you actually interview someone rather than just fellate them incessantly. I mean for fucks sake...I haven't seen much American television but is it all that simpering and fluffy? Mr Robert Florence can express this better than I can:

7:28 is the sketch in question.

See, maybe it is just culture, but up here we would maybe start with "Right Pal, what you done lately?" , rather than "MGGMpfff....Love your work Mr Guy From FF/Author/Self-Published Niche Boardgame Designer", we are after all, the birthplace of kicking burning terrorists in the face. So perhaps I judge too harshly, and should just be thankful that they are doing it at all...I mean after all, its not easy doing a podcast. Speaking of which...surely someone on The Paincakes network must be thinking along these lines? It would be fantastic to have a podcast that is more "punk" than Sunday School, y'know, more Paincake than BoLs.

See, I just wrote all that in a fit of bile, and let the paint dry on my brush...pish!
Gear change, back on original intended topic:

I'm one of the nicest, most polite people I know, and the thought of this tournament next week is actually making me ill. Sitting painting menites at 02:20 AM on a Saturday when I could have had them all finished earlier, sickened! If I learn anything from this painting drive I'll be sure to pass it on. Any tips internet? How can I stop worrying and learn to love the brush?


  1. Loved the bitter rant , one of my specialties. I have to agree , ass kissers should be drowned in raw sewage filled with razorblades and used hypodermic syringes.....

    I have been batting some ideas around for a British podcast for a while , tho a HOP one is a sterling idea.

    Hilarious profanity earns you me, as a follower, you lucky devil you

    That is in no way me 'shining' anything unmentionable.......

  2. From watching TheDude (ny husband) paint his Menites, my biggest lesson or advice is : SIMPLE. Do something basic now- cream, red, gold for example; and then go back later for "oooooooooooh shiny". Rome wasn't conquered in a day, and neither will your faithful followers be.

  3. I have noticed this lamentable tendency in the d6 Generation; that, along with their increasing overload of regular features that get in the way of primary content, is pretty much why I stopped listening.

    I'd be up for some transatlantic vocal mayhem if I could just get a microphone sorted...

  4. Hmm, you do raise an interesting point with getting some new podcasting blood out there to ask some tough questions and basically not suck off their interviewees.

  5. Not gonna lie...I'd love a HoP podcast, and I feel we need some Brit blood on the airwaves. I mean, The Overlords are good...but they can;t go it alone. We need some Scottish boys out there!

  6. Loquacious : <3 your work and thanks to your man for the advice, I blasted through the reds and creams in no time. I also discovered how awesomely perfect Vallejo Smoke is for shading Gold!

    Podcast needs done for sure...who has a voice for TV and a face for Radio out there though?

  7. Grumhelden: Blighted Gold from P3- as much as it is an honest to God pain in the ass- is STUNNING. No company makes a better gold for the Menoth faithful.