Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Sorry We Missed You

On Having missed a delivery by the lovely DPD, a fine company who puts customers first.

Oh no, wait...

I ordered Incursion from Wayland Games, as they have it on a crazy cheap deal:  £25 for the game and two blisters, fantastic! Details here: Holy Nazi Zombies Batman!

So I check the link that wayland send me, really lovely tracking system, all good.  I can see where and when etc, but alas the when is right inside the two hours that the house would be unoccupied today.  No problem, I said to myself, I'll just get it redelivered outwith that slot.  Phones em up, they say "No Problem Mr Helden, that will be £10.00".


£10.00 Extra on top of what I already paid to get you to just do your fucking job?

Your not doing me a fucking favour!  You are not painting my house for a pot noodle and a cuppa, your not fluffing me for a "movie scene", your delivering my fucking stuff , on the money that I already bloody paid!

The alternative to this was of course a random slot the next day.  So I wait in until its time to go to work I guess.  Of course they don't deliver on weekends.  They wont redeliver to my work without an extra premium.

Flying Fist of Fuck off and Die.