Tuesday, 7 June 2011

"I can get it cheaper on ebay" well...really?!

Part 1

Right, I love a gripe about prices just as much as the next dwarf, and I suppose we all have to moan about something, being as 1st world and relatively rich as we all are. We dont starve, we are very unlikely to die in a violent coup and we have liberties that we take for granted to the point of forgetting that the other 90% of the planet doesnt have them. So, framed in that context, heres my current 1st world problem: EBAY! FUCKING SHITTY GOUGING EBAY!

A common thread on the comments of late (on all the usual blogs/sites) has been that the GW price rise does "not affect me, I'll get it on Ebay". Bullshit. Here we see no understanding of secondary markets, the assumption that what you want is always available and the worst sin of all, mistaking your pwersonal experience for a universal one.

Even if you find one flea-market, bargain bin auction on ebay, you will not find everything you are after. Factor in postage costs, waiting times, dodgy postmen/sellers and Paypals capricious approach to CC fraud and I guarandamntee you that you will not *find it cheaper on ebay*.

Im currently planning to sell off all my orcs and goblins, as no one locally plays warhammer often enough to warrant the drawer space. Also Wrath is coming out and the GF is getting pissed off at my spending. To this end I had set up watches on the items I am planning to sell. The results were...interesting... Most of the stuff will go for cost or *more* if its unassembled and in original packaging. Assembled and unpainted for a little under cost, and assembled with propainted splodges for a lot under cost. Units that are considered pish go for pennies, almost not worth listing them kind of low prices.

Part 2

I decided to try a two pronged experiment, because Science is fun.

I am still collecting a Dark Eldar force as a back-burner, slow burn kind of thing (warmachine just twists my nipples so good that I spend on it 1st).
I am also toying with the idea of a small Space Marine force, for nostalgia reasons more than anything else. Now, I can afford to buy the marines month by month (if I work a fuckton of overtime and hide them from the missus), but fuck that, I want it now!

My experiment...to see if i can actually find it all cheaper on ebay!
My "buy" list:

Cygnar Starter Box
Mage Gunner dudes
Long Gunners
Cygnar Cavalry Dudes
Cygnar Trenchers

Games Workshop (I just realised what a stupid fucking name that is...its so Twee...like a bank advert or mobile phone advert..it just makes me want to do things with knives and flesh...)

Space Marine Battleforce
Land Raider
3xLand Speeder
Bike Squadron
Deldar flyers/Battleforce

So, I'll update this infrequently, but Im interested to see if its possible.
The rules:
I can only fund these purchases by selling stuff I already have.
It has to be from Ebay
It has to be current or best generation. I.E no 2nd Ed Parade marines, the resculpted Warmahordes Finecast resin boxes etc



  1. Interesting project. I loved eBay when I first started into the 40K hobby, because I was able to snap up the detrius of others' collections for pennies on the dollar to accumulate my "basics." Tactical Marines, Assault Marines, beat up old tanks. Stuff to put down on the table to learn the rules, and expand upon.
    The compromise I made was that everything was painted horribly, or in random colors. I fielded some rainbowlicious armies when I started out. I'm proficient in removing paint, so I was able to slowly phase out all of my mismatched units over time by breaking them down into parts, reassembling, and repainting.
    Of course, I was still short on certain items. Special weapons, heavy weapons, tanks that weren't caked in 6 layers of paint. Those cost me extra cash, and are harder to get on the cheap. Meltaguns sell for a mint, so that cuts deeply into your savings.
    Honestly, I don't think eBaying will ever yield a new-on-sprue, playable army for significantly less than retail (or online retail, for that matter).

  2. "Honestly, I don't think eBaying will ever yield a new-on-sprue, playable army for significantly less than retail (or online retail, for that matter). "

    Not typically.

    There's a few sellers that sell New-on-the-sprue GW stuff for the same 15-20% discount as most online stores, but with free shipping. So if I'm just buying 1-2 boxes, I'll usually go to Ebay first.

    That said, some of those same sellers put up weekly/daily auctions of more popular kits, and if you watch those you can sometimes get them for a more significant discount.

    Personally, I've bought some older stuff there when the price was right. Other times I'll buy stuff that is cheap just so I can flip it through a trading site like Barter Bucket. It's really a game in and of itself. My current Space Wolves army is about %60 trades/ebay/prize support. I've only purchased about 4 boxes of new models to fill it out.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys....your both bang on in what your saying...on the bright side I did manage to find some nice old white dwarfs from around 1996 :)

  4. you mean a white dwarf that was interesting to read, fun and worth the asking price opposed to a wallet gouging mega advert/glorified bog roll ?


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