Tuesday, 9 November 2010

An experiment in crowdsourced gaming...looking @ you internet!

1st up...no rant tonight, serious hat is on, so the clean vocabulary bus is in the station.  I know one lady just stopped reading, but I am not all hate all the time, I need to save it up for a day or two :)

Now, I am in the enviable position of not currently owning an army for 40K.
In the past I had decent success with Marines (1st, 2nd, 3rd edition), Imperial Guard(4th) and Witch Hunters (4th).
Now here's my evil,little plan.  I firmly believe that we can crowdsource a win, and have about 5 months before the next local 40K event.  At this point, I am a tabula rasa, and look to you, dear readers, to throw comments at me.  Link this around Paincakes and lets build an army!

The conditions:

It can be as bent and as WAAC as we can think of.  Because we aim to swim with the sharks.

Cost is not an issue, but has to use standard parts available off-the shelf at the flgs.

Lets get some traction behind this, I plan on documenting the entire thing from purchase of rulebooks through to tweeting from the tournament.  And it will all be for us, the rejects, the punks and the outsiders, the good people of Paincakes, and so we can have a swift whisky at the expense of the forumhammer , po-faced, rod-up-the arse types.  Ah fuck, I swore, shit.

So follow me on twitter, tweet @ me with suggestions, leave comments, and lets build an army together.


  1. *giggling*

    sorry. I really shouldn't laugh. But it's almost as funny as my teenager trying not to swear in front of me (his mum who's got a pisser for a mouth) and then yelling "dammit" when he catches himself.

  2. Also: you need BA or SW if you want competitive (or so sez the webbernetz). With lotsa bubblewrap spam.

    I only half-assed know what that means (I'm getting there!)

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