Sunday, 7 November 2010

GW Missed the U-Boat

Yep, For UK readers, finally a cost effective and low-barrier-to-entry way to sub to your favourite mag!

Jolly Good Show, What!

Oh and white dwarf tried too, but failed, as they want you to print out a pdf and then mail it in! How charmingly retro! How cheap of them!  Heres the link :

So picture it:

I'm in work , I piddle about on the GW site, reminding myself I need to pick up WD next week.  I plan my journey carefully, can't go into GW on Union Street, because people might see me, wont have time to make it to static, and wouldn't want the girl in WH Smith to see me buy it.  If only there was a cost effective way to get WD, that meant it was delivered and didn't require my whole hobby allocation upfront. Something that's been around for years and is trustworthy, something that's easy and quick to set up.

I know , Direct Debit! Used it for years when I used to sub to other mags, usually managed those subs and DD's online, and that was in 2003!  Surely GW must offer this?  Eagerly I note that they dont. Fuck.

Fast forward a month and they announce in great big badly kerned letters that they will now offer DD Subs! And something about bondage marines...

So I run, virtual cash in metaphorical hand, eagerly I open the page, breathlessly waiting for the Javascript to load , and they offer me a PDF?! To print? Like on paper? Is this the Twentieth Century?  Mayhap I could send a telegram?

You have card processing facilites , but didnt want to pony up for the online DD stuff, thats what I'm seeing.


  1. I don't think there are enough swears in this one... go back to class=p

    That's right idiotic on GW's part.

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