Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Rick Preistley Leaves GW!

I would love to know more, but there it is..Priestley has left GW!  He was one of the original guys, one of the founding fathers.  It is a sad day.
This was 2 years before I was born!

The main lol, is the young folk all "GW sacked him OMG shenanigans"...Fuck off and die you unyeared twats.  He founded GW, he founded the hobby as it exists today.  It is juvenile and smacks of inexperience to have any disrespect for the guy.

This was before I could masturbate
It reminds me of years ago, at a mates house, his wee brother had a lagwagon t-shirt on, with the Fat Wreck Chords logo on the back, NOFX were on some festival, and the mother comes in, asks "Who is that on the TV?", the wee brother replies, "some no name lagwagon wanna-bes"...I subtly pointed out that they were playing before I was even born, and that they in fact, were the band who owned Fat Wreck Chords, and that maybe he should realise that because HE was unaware, does not mean that the entire world was unaware.  I then pontificted  that immaturity can do that , that your world is so tiny when you are young, and that he was, after all 17 compared to my mighty 21(I did say years ago).

I then remembered that 17 means adult, and I wouldn't get done for assaulting a child, so I twatted him square in the nose, and told him to fuck off.  Sadly, the internet, and my own advanced years mean that is not a viable, sensible or desirable way to deal with the arrogant ignorance of youth.

Something I see quite often is the fallacy of impossibility through incomprehension, the same logical fallacy that leads to creationists, fundies and the taliban (oh yes, I went there, I linked WARGAMES to FUNDAMENTALISM! That's how fucking asinine blogs are!), basically the fallacy is this:

I cant understand this therefore no one else can either.
I have no experience of this therefore no one else has either

People do this every fucking day of their short miserable lives and they do not stop to think about what they are actually doing.  The internet makes it possible to see this in action in a way that can make it seem that absolutely everyone else is a fucking retarded fuck.  But take hope, Paincakes will show that its only 99% of us are retarded fucks, with no respect for anything that we have not directly experienced.

It is with great sadness, and some measure of abject terror, that I realise that I am old enough to have waited what seems like an eternity for White Dwarf to hit the shelves, to run down to the town centre (Port Glagsow...), buy White Dwarf (well, steal, I was poor as fuck), and run home to read every line of text on every page, ad infinitum ad nauseum, becoming totally and utterly absorbed in the world it presented.

I know, thats an "uphill both ways in the snow" story, but with instant access to the collective ignorance of the masses, no child will ever do that again, which is sad and awesome all at once.  The permeation of gaming culture into mainstream  culture, the blending of music into one formless mass with no underground cliques, where "rock" clubs play pop songs, and the idea of being an individual is pumped into every fucking hole your flesh has made it hard to be young, and created the second generation gap in wargaming...

We have the "featherstone boys" the founding fathers, are starting to pass into legend, as they sadly die and age.  The "Preistley Boys" (30-45 ish), who grew up just before the internet, before mobile phones, and yet are young enough to grok and utilize both.  The young uns, for whom the fluff will never be as meaningful, because so many avenues of escape exist.  They have grown up with networked communications and entertainment, , literal speed of thought communications, and absolutely no checks and balances in place for their collective stupidity.  5000 14 year old social rejects in the world as it is now, are really, really , really fucking rejected.  The thought that they may be wrong in the one thing that they tale refuge in must be really, really hard to deal with..    Well, tough shit, truth is truth kids. And yes, we all hate you too.


  1. Whether he was fired or he left voluntarily; it a tough loss for all of us (unless he starts something new).

    The instant generation misses out on some of our greatest achievements- I mean, PBM is a dying art; and that's too darn bad because it's a whole different level of fun.

    Idiots not knowing their musical predecessors need good hard hits on the head- thanks for your service, grumhelden.

    I doubt I'll ever run a rant this passionate, but it's certainly got me thinking.

    thanks for a fun rip!

  2. Damn, that's an epic rant!

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